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November 25, 2016


Profitect is the leading provider of prescriptive analytics that offer a suite of solutions to help retailers easily understand and act on their data.  These actions replace traditional reporting to ensure improved sales and profitability. Instead of sending someone a report to analyze, just tell them the opportunity and prescribe the actions they should take.  Profitect’s Profit Amplification software, a pattern-seeking solution, enables retailers to quickly realize increased revenue and reduced costs across the entire retail supply chain. Retailers use multiple business technologies and sources to hold and view data. Profitect is flexible and enables [...]

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November 25, 2016

IBM Prescriptive Analytics

IBM prescriptive analytics solutions provide organizations in commerce, financial services, healthcare, government and other highly data-intensive industries with a way to analyze data and transform it into recommended actions almost instantaneously. These solutions combine predictive models, deployment options, localized rules, scoring and optimization techniques to form a powerful foundation for decision management. Prescriptive analytics takes that insight to the next level by suggesting the optimal way to handle that future situation. Organizations that can act fast in dynamic conditions and make superior decisions in uncertain environments gain a [...]

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November 25, 2016


AYATA’s enterprise customers use Prescriptive Analytics software to predict future outcomes of their critical business processes, prescribe decision options, and understand the impact of each decision option. AYATA’s technology is adaptive and thus can continuously facilitate accurate decision-making. Prescriptive Analytics is the science of automatically synthesizing big data, mathematical sciences, business rules and machine learning to make smarter decisions about the future. Ayata’s patent-pending technology can not only predict future outcomes, but also prescribe decision options and the impact of each option. Large corporations have a solid [...]

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November 11, 2016


LIONoso is a comprehensive Machine Learning and Intelligent Optimization tool for non-profit research and academic use. LIONoso is the ideal tool for the rapid development of prescriptive analytics application.In addition to the ML and optimization tools, advanced users adopt it for orchestrating heterogeneuos components. Orchestration deals with automating processes, with the arrangement, coordination, and management of complex software components connecting data, experiments, simulators, models, decisions.  LIONoso is a machine learning and intelligence optimization tool. The tool is targeted for academic use and for nonprofit organizations. [...]

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October 23, 2016


NGDATA helps data-rich companies in financial services, media/publishing and telecom to automate and optimize omni-channel customer interactions.Lily Enterprise, captures data across all channels and provides enterprises with real-time insights to drive superior customer experiences. Lily’s Customer DNA puts the individual at the center of the organization by design, continuously learning from behavior to act consistently and timely for superior experiences. NGDATA is a customer experience solution company and it helps other data-rich companies in media/publishing, telecom, financial services to arrange omnichannel customer interactions. NGDATA has [...]