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July 16, 2017


LeanData enables stratigic lead management. LeanData’s next generation router platform changes the way one think about lead management. It not only gives a visual representation of the lead flow, but also provides the ability to easily make changes in real time through a simple drag-and-drop UI.This empowers LeanData customers to take full control of their flow and allows them to make informed decisions about how they want to manage their leads. LeanData’s transforms the way businesses think about managing contacts within Salesforce. With LeanData, businesses can design a routing process for contacts that is flexible, customizable and scalable. [...]

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January 1, 2017


Velocify is the leading sales acceleration platform. The company helps more than 1,500 sales teams sell more by bringing speed and control to the entire sales process. Velocify helps sales teams prospect with more precision, accelerate lead engagement, and implement optimized workflows, ultimately helping sales teams find and convert more leads. Velocify LeadManager automatically captures, de-dupes, intelligently distributes, and prioritizes leads so sales reps stay ahead of the competition and focused on closing more deals. Users can seamlessly capture and automatically de-dupe and distribute inquiries coming from a variety of sources, including website [...]

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December 3, 2016


Everstring helps several companies influence data to optimize sales and marketing capabilities. Everstring has a self-service platform that gives sales and marketing team access to the predictive marketing. It has predictive segmentation that enables marketers to influence thousands of data signals to create data-backed groupings of accounts for marketing technology. Everstring platform has the capability to create predictive segments in a minute. These predictive segments can drive different marketing activities like marketing programs, new products release, market expansion, and more. Everstring has the capability to expand predictive demand generation [...]

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December 3, 2016


Fiserv is a global leader in financial services technology solutions. It helps many clients all over the world to create experiences for the digital world. The associated branches of Fiserv drive innovative technologies in payments, processing services, risk & compliance, and insights & optimization that provide service solutions and integrated technology for the clients. Predictive scores of Fiserv is a predictive model solution that helps to boost profits by identifying ready-to-buy customers for company’s product lines. By using predictive scores model of Fiserv, companies can grow their deposits and loan income, increases customer’s values, [...]

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December 3, 2016


GrowthIntel offers a software-as-a-service product to B2B corporations to search for sales leads. The platform of GrowthIntel uses NLP, data science and machine learning to provide the most sophisticated overview of the customer’s addressable markets. GrowthIntel empowers the B2B trade through data science. GrowthIntel identifies every company with the requirement of products and services of the customers and prioritized them according to the requirements. This platform generates high-quality sales opportunities with the same effort. It can discover new in-market prospects. GrowthIntel is a global pioneer in predictive intelligence and they want the most [...]

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December 3, 2016


Sparklane is the first editor of predictive lead scoring solutions for the European B2B market. The job is to help you identify your market and steer you to the best business opportunities. Sparklane predicts companies most-likely-to-buy through scored leads and then allows you to close more deals. Sparklane is a SaaS predictive Lead Scoring Solution. It helps marketers and salespeople to target “the most likely to buy” companies. Sparklane helps to generate new clients by producing active prospects and identifying opportunities. Sparklane improves the demand generation campaigns of the customers with the smart data. It can deliver customized messaging [...]

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December 3, 2016


SalesWings connects to most available email marketing platforms and web forms, in order to allow you to track and qualify your leads accurately.The intelligent algorithm analyzes data from your lead’s website activity such as frequency of visits, time they spend and visit behavior, to clearly identify the hottest Leads. SalesWings then automatically sends notifications to your sales team about opportunities to follow-up, in case they are too busy to check.Saleswings is a smart and lead scoring web application that qualifies the marketing leads and sales prospects of several companies with the predictive lead scoring of website activity. Saleswings [...]

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December 3, 2016

Lead Liaison

Leadliasion has been designed to attract customers towards online businesses. The software helps users carry out their marketing efforts. Users can design marketing and email campaigns. They can work more closely with their customers. They can engage and stay in contact with their customers. They can publish and launch marketing campaigns so as to reach their customers. ProspectVision provides sales reps with crucial sales insight via the industry’s deepest level of proactive tracking.Lead Management Automation helps sales and marketers do their job more efficiently and build stronger relationships with customer, prospects, and partners.SiteEngage helps [...]

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