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NoSQL Database
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January 25, 2015


MarkLogic, is a database platform that combines the agility of NoSQL with hardened enterprise features and advanced query, search, operational and transactional capabilities. MarkLogic supports server-side JavaScript and JSON, but also includes a robust set of enterprise features like semantics and bitemporal. Bitemporal allows businesses to minimize risk by looking at data as it was over the course of time. This is crucial for companies in strict regulatory environments, and also has broad applicability to any organization that needs to have a historical view of its data. MarkLogic 8 brings powerful new capabilities including massive enhancements for [...]

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October 15, 2014


Aerospike is optimized for flash with a hybrid RAM/flash storage architecture. Aerospike is claimed as the first NoSQL database to combine transactions with “hot” analytics and the first in-memory NoSQL database with strong consistency (ACID).

Overview of the features in Aerospike Smart Client - Written in various languages (C, C#, Java, PHP, Python, Go, Node.js) Maintains communication with the cluster to know how to route traffic so user code does not have to. Automatically adjusts for changes in the number of nodes in a database cluster. Database Architectural/operational Aerospike Hybrid Memory System allows for optimal use of flash (SSD) [...]