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For business owners, there is nothing worse than being informed by a client that the network is down. Network downtimes can cost the business thousands of dollars. As the business expands, there is a need to continually monitor the new devices and IP addresses among others networks and fix any trouble. With business expansion, increased traffic and configuration issues also need to be addressed continuously. The business owners must identify any security threats or hacking incidents even before they occur. Sometimes the business may have servers or devices that are faulty or not working which can cause potential security loopholes. It is essential to identify a tool that is not working correctly and fix it on time or upgrade it to newer models. Network outages, obsolete equipment and security risks can cause the business a considerable amount of money and time to fix. Companies hence need tools that keep them up to date, and that identify any potential issue before it occurs or earlier and fix it. Network monitoring Software is no doubt the way to go. What is network monitoring software? Network Monitoring Software is a tool that monitors a computer network constantly and offers a real-time view of the infrastructure situation. It can alert the user or the network administrator of possible network mishaps, security threats or of a slow or failing component via an SMS, Email or other means.

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Network Monitoring Software Free
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