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August 3, 2017

Edraw Mind Map

Edraw provides different products and tools that can be used for mind mapping and which can be accessed for free. Edraw Mind Map if a freeware software that allows users to use their samples and templates to create mind maps or charts of all kinds, to brainstorm ideas, to connect and associate complex data, and to share information. It is a compatible with Microsoft applications, easy to use diagram creation software, and does not require any payments for monthly fees or for updates. Edraw Max is another software optional extension, compatible with it, which can be used to extend its functionalities. The software provides smart mind mapping guides, a mind [...]

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August 3, 2017


Docear is a literature management tool or academic literature suite that allows you to create notes and mind maps, and to store documents and papers, all in one single place. It is a freeware open source online solution that has three main features. It allows to organize literature with emphasis on the comments and notes made, instead of on the documents themselves; it allows you to draft and write papers and assignments; and it recommends papers free to download from the web, which are related to your fields based on the content you have uploaded and created. One of the main advantages of this literature management tool is the single section user [...]

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August 3, 2017


WiseMapping is an open-source web-based free mind mapping editor that can be used to store and share information easily. It can be used both by individuals, for education, and by corporations, to aid in the decision making process. Information can be shared rapidly by embedding it in any website, and different people can collaborate together to develop ideas without needing to install the product in their computers. WiseMapping can also be downloaded and installed on the company’s servers to comply with security concerns, create user access restrictions, and take care of backups of information. WiseMapping uses vector graphics animation technology, which [...]

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August 3, 2017

3D Topicscape

Topiscape is a 3D information and ideas organizer content management software. If allows for files storing, content structuring, and research and retrieval of information. Its searching capabilities include searching options in titles, in tags or within the content. Information is viewed in 3D mind maps or in flat panels, and it is possible to zoom in on any topic or to change the central topic in a structure for another one, and see how the application restructures the content. It supports multiple importing and exporting options and integrations with other tools. You can import an existing folder structure you have in your computer, Topiscape will build [...]

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August 2, 2017


Freeplane is a software application for knowledge management that allows users to write down thoughts and organize information as is found on the mind, and to connect and share it; it can be described as a tool between an editor and a diagramming instrument. The information is stored in mind mapping form, which means it is contained in mind maps. These include central topics, subtopics, and free topics, all of which can be formatted and linked, and also hidden, or they can include calculation formulas or hyperlinks. The topics include the content freely entered by the users. The application can be used to store separate information, and to connect, [...]