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July 30, 2017


Gadberry develops powerful, easy to use, and cost effective location intelligence solutions that are geo-perfected and change-aware, giving you the precision and accuracy that today’s business challenges demand. Gadberry’s location intelligence software uses advanced geocoding, premium address, and household data to create geo-perfected solutions that give you the most current, accurate and precise location data conceivable. Gadberry’s geospatial data science and marketing analytic services boost your company’s level of productivity. Gadberry’s location software offers advanced marketing and customer insight capabilities enabling you to know who your best [...]

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July 30, 2017

ArcGIS platform

Esri is the software developer for ArcGIS, a powerful mapping and spatial analytics software. ArcGIS combines mapping and data analytics to reveal a deeper insight into data. ArcGIS major features are spatial analysis, mapping & visualization, 3D GIS, Real-time GIS, Imagery & Remote sensing, and Data collection & management. ArcGIS spatial analysis helps you make more informed decisions about the best locations and paths using interactive, high-quality cartographic maps that you can easily create using drag-and-drop widgets. ArcGIS lets you combine your data with publicly available data or live data feeds to help you discover and understand [...]

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July 30, 2017

CraveLabs DropIn

CraveLabs is a technology company based in Boston, MA, specializing in location intelligence and mobile advertising. This service is offered on its DropIn platform which uses real-time location data to monitor locations and deliver ads at a time and place when customers are more likely to engage. The DropIn platform offers the following features; Analytics, CRM, mobile apps support, social media support, and consumer insight. DropIn offers programmatic, real-time mobile ads using real-time bidding (RTB). This gives you unrivaled consumers insights enabling you to reach consumers at the right place and time. With its advanced location intelligence [...]

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July 30, 2017


Ubisense is a leader in location intelligence solutions delivering enterprise asset tracking and geospatial location data analytics. It provides these services on the following platforms; myWorld, Smart Factory, and Smart Space apps. Ubisense myWorld helps manage large quantities of geographically dispersed assets improving performance and customer experience. Ubisense myWorld has rapid data integration capability to many different sources including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Network Management Systems (NMS), and other GIS systems. This enables many people to benefit from the [...]

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July 30, 2017 is a geographic Business Intelligence platform offered as free software licensed under Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 and can be adapted by anyone interested to install the application and develop it accordingly to their own needs. With all the location specific data are collected and can be linked visually online. makes the great amount of information visible and accessible to its users. It enables the user to personalize maps and retrieve the relevant data. is based on open standards of the SpagoBI IT architecture. It is integrated with over 20 analytical engines plus INSPIRE and OGC compatible GIS. Every [...]