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October 25, 2017


Vena is an enterprise class software for budgeting, planning and forecasting with powerful reporting and analytics. It works to transform excel into the enterprise budgeting, planning and revenue forecasting solution that you need. It embraces the best of Microsoft Excel, extending and evolving its capabilities to create a next-generation enterprise solution that’s powerful, yet intuitive. Vena has a fresh approach to CPM that connects your excel spreadsheets, templates, formulas and models to a central database governed by a sophisticated workflow engine and business rules. This means that you will continue to benefit from the flexibility and unmatched [...]

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October 25, 2017

Spreadsheet Server

Spreadsheet server is a platform that provides the user with live reporting data from your ERP into excel. With spreadsheet server, the user has the power to build financial and operational reports with drill-down capability right in excel from your ERP. This platform eliminates the re-keying or downloading of data into the spreadsheet and makes the spreadsheet an integral part of your business environment. Spreadsheet server allows the user to mix GL and non-GL data from multiple platforms into a single worksheet. The spreadsheet server normally consists of four main features which include; pre-configured Microsoft Excel Add-in for reporting across ERP [...]

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January 1, 2017

SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services provides tools and services that Create, deploy, and manage mobile and paginated reports for your organization. Reports can be mobile, paginated, interactive, tabular, and graphical, with a variety of data, including relational, multidimensional, and XML-based data sources. Reports can include rich data visualizations, including charts, maps, sparklines, and KPIs.

Reporting Services is a server-based reporting platform. You publish reports to a report server, or as part of a Microsoft Windows application, or to a SharePoint site. You can schedule report processing, access reports on-demand, [...]

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November 5, 2016

True Sky

True Sky is a corporate performance management (CPM) platform that streamlines the budgeting and forecasting process for companies using Excel.It reduces the time spent on creation, input, data merging, and review processes traditionally involved with planning, budgeting, and forecasting.Excel-based for ease of use, packed full of uniquely powerful functionalities, and designed to encourage forward-thinking budgeting practices such as rolling forecasts and driver-based planning, True Sky provides businesses with an easy path towards agility.True Sky was specifically developed to be easily adopted and maintained by the finance group, without tying up [...]

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October 16, 2016

Maxene Reporter

Maxene Reporter  is a new, powerful and cost-effective business analytics and report writing solution. The solution is now available to users from across different industries and it amplifies the functionality and familiarity of Microsoft  Excel to generate enterprise-quality business decision reports without the enterprise-wide cost, complexity, IT demands, and training. As an interactive tool, Maxene Reporter is able to perform different functions that are essential in the modern working environment. Some of the tasks that it can do are the energizing of data presentation, analysis and processing within Microsoft Excel to provide you access to key [...]