Ecommerce Analytics Software

Ecommerce Analytics Software provides businesses with the ability to gather and scrutinize data from their ecommerce operations. These computer applications help organizations to store different data types such as sales, products, product types and groups, customers who purchase and product advert type. The various data stored can then be analysed by these software to help businesses detect trends, anomalies, patterns and correlations in their online commerce operations. These Ecommerce Analytics Software help businesses to discover insight like the most profitable channels for their operations, the most likely customers to purchase, the most likely time customers are going to make purchases and the most likely product customers purchase. These insights can also be segmented based on various filters like gender, geography, and history, helping businesses tailor personalized strategies on their online commerce platforms. Ecommerce Analytics Software can help businesses see patterns easily via the visualization of their operational data. This feature in Ecommerce Analytics Software means that business executives can easily glean insight and make real-time decisions about the online commerce store. More recent types of Ecommerce Analytics Software have advanced artificial intelligence features that can make and implement intuitive decisions based on real-time analytics.

PAT Grid™ for Ecommerce Analytics Software


PAT Index
Measures how well the product or service is performing.
Rating Index
Measures how the product or service is rated in comparison to other products.
Ecommerce Analytics Software
PAT Index™
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PAT Index™
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