Data Blending Software

Data Blending Software builds on the failure of traditional data warehousing methods by providing a basic way of combining data collected from various sources into organised datasets. This solution is applicable to various organisational departments but the ones that use it most are finance, marketing and sales. Companies are very eager to use this solution because it gives them more competing points in the marketplace, while allowing them to effectively organise big data flows. Instead of being static and confusing, the user interface is visually appealing and allows analysts to drag and drop datasets until they achieve an appearance that best represents with their imagination. Once this is achieved per time, they can sit back to watch the progression of data, identify problematic points - if any, and optimize data flows whenever the need arises. Analysts need not have SQL, scripting or any other technical experience before they can make use of this solution to orchestrate data blending activities. All they need to do is create data scripts and use workflows to pair multiple scripts as a group. The spread sheet interface is familiar, data is updated in real time, and performance is optimised by the built-in data transformation engine.

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Data Blending Software
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