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August 8, 2017


InStream is a sales, contact management and relationship automation platform, specializing in business relation development, customer service and professional sales. The tool provides a tailored system with a contact database, communication lists and practical reports, with the ability to collect additional details about clients and give insights to valuable sources. The software is built with a centralized communication channel enabling users to communicate with contacts directly and allows users to connect to any mailbox, receive and send emails directly. The relationship intelligence mechanism is designed to monitor communication with clients, plan and [...]

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August 8, 2017


Zenbership is an open source CRM platform, designed to provide a combination of tools to assist membership-based businesses. Some of the features include member management, e-commerce, marketing, events management and web integrations. Zenbership’s account management tool allows users to create custom databases, manage group contacts collectively and automate intelligent email campaigns with followups. Employees can maintain a historical log of interactions with contacts allowing them to actively engage opportunities, set deadlines, and schedule appointments with access to a personalized calendar and dashboard. The Zenbership software links social media [...]

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August 8, 2017


Raynet is a cloud-based CRM solution designed to streamline daily tasks, track sales activity, and consolidate information and data for small and midsize businesses. The app features a contacts and lead management tool, interaction tracking and calendar, deal management, data organization, smartphone integration and email tracking. The contact management function allows users to store customer data in one place with a customizable accounts/contact list and a sort and filter system to simplify searches, with the option to export contacts and add tags. The Raynet calendar is accessible using various apps and mobile devices with diary management, a tracking [...]

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August 8, 2017


ClinchPad is a sales management software that offers an alternative to traditional CRM systems. It provides a new way of tracking leads and is broken down into simple categories for user interaction. It enables teams to visualise their sales pipeline, collaborate with team members, manage and organise contacts as well as categorise leads. The sales pipeline is represented by cards and stages in columns which can track an entire sales cycle, create multiple pipelines, track new contracts and filter leads. Users can benefit from quick actions such as adding and remaining leads, assigning a user to a lead or move the lead to another stage in the pipeline. [...]

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August 8, 2017


Freshsales is a free cloud-based CRM system that can track customer behaviour and progress of deals from start to finish. Some of the features include an email tracking system, calendar sync, click to call, tasks & appointments, 360° customer view and in-app tracking. The 360° customer view allows the user to identify customer touchpoints whether it be a website, product, interactions or appointments from a single screen. The free plan also includes a built-in phone system allowing sales teams to make calls, automatically log incoming and outgoing calls, with an option to record and monitor them. The email feature allows you to forward and BCC mail [...]