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March 26, 2017


1000Minds decision-making software is for prioritization, group decision-making, conjoint analysis and maximizing value for money. 1000Minds helps businesses make better decisions, saving time and money, improving business performance and maximizing value from investments.1000Minds decision-making software (web-based) helps you make well-informed, rational decisions. The decision models are fast and transparent.1000Minds helps organisations prioritize alternatives or individuals (eg. patients for treatment) in a consistent, fair and defensible manner.Three elements are fundamental to most 1000Minds applications: Alternatives (or individuals) being [...]

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March 25, 2017

Survey Analytics

The Survey analytics enterprise feedback platform is an effective way of managing feedback from clients over the internet. Using this platform, surveys of all magnitude and complexity can be efficiently carried out based on a company’s terms. The platform offers a unique software called the survey analytics suite, the survey suite comes with quite a number of vital analytic tools essential for conducting surveys and managing email invites. Not only is it secure, it is relatively affordable, as its design and structure were built on stiff reliability and affordability. It offers exclusive security, far more secure than the regular/average internet [...]

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March 25, 2017

Lighthouse Studio

Lighthouse studio is a well-known system for conducting quantitative research, the software was designed and built to successfully manage surveys and other data related analytics, to determine the magnitude and effect of a given product or service. A service that can be used to determine how effective or acceptable an existing product have been; or, how a to-be-released product will have a positive influence on the populace. The lighthouse studio boast of robust conjoint modules such as the Choice-Based Conjoint; Best/Worst Scaling (Max Diff): An established way for collecting scores of objects, based on preferences. Conjoint analysis and Maxdiff are [...]

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