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July 16, 2017


Valgen helps users to turn data science into complete advantage for customer success. It works with data and analytics. Valgen approaches to data through five-step analytic process: standardize fields and values to make data ready; apply multi-step matching to eliminate duplicates; retain relevant records, purge the rest; prepare data for analytics and apps; maintain data integrity over the long term. Valgen can help unlocking business value through enchasing contact information, maintaining company hierarchy and overlaying demographics. Sales productivity can be accelerated with in order to deliver high quality leads within Salesforce so users [...]

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July 16, 2017


LeanData enables stratigic lead management. LeanData’s next generation router platform changes the way one think about lead management. It not only gives a visual representation of the lead flow, but also provides the ability to easily make changes in real time through a simple drag-and-drop UI.This empowers LeanData customers to take full control of their flow and allows them to make informed decisions about how they want to manage their leads. LeanData’s transforms the way businesses think about managing contacts within Salesforce. With LeanData, businesses can design a routing process for contacts that is flexible, customizable and scalable. [...]

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July 16, 2017

Distribution Engine

Distribution engine is a native Salesforce app that makes lead routing easy. It has many features such as: round robin, weighting and capping, working hours, monitoring and analytics, easy setup, salesforce lead routing, native, alerts and assign any object. Round robin is a feature which helps users and sales teams to stay motivated and successful. It hands out leads in a circle so everyone knows about lead allocation. Next feature weighting and capping allows users the lead volumes assigned with the team to be adjusted and capping allows setting limits on how many leads are assigned. There are two types of capps – hourly or daily cap where members can [...]

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