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December 17, 2016


bambooBSC is an opensource Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Business Intelligence (BI) Web platform, Strategic management, Departments Performance Analysis, Employee Performance Analysis, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), KPI report, Department/Personal balanced scorecard report, region performance view, BSC Strategy MAP, KPI dashboard, SWOT and report, PDCA & PDCA report, OLAP, SQL client query results as CHART. It was built in spring4 + struts2 + hibernate + mybatis + apache-shiro + activiti. Features include BSC's Vision, Perspectives, Objectives of strategy, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). and Maintain measure-data, KPI report, Personal and [...]

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December 17, 2016


X KPI is a free spreadsheet program that allows managing financial and non-financial indicators, comparing over any time period and analysing actual vs target metrics.Build your KPI Structure based on the different level hierarchy (up 4 levels). Create your structure with personalized level’s name. Create up to 100 KPI’s and associate them to the structure levels and the managers in your organization. Define all KPI’s features. Define your KPI’s Target for each period and enter the Actual value. Manage your KPI’s for a period of five years and move from one year to the next. Analyze each of the KPI and compare with the target defined. Choose the KPI to [...]

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December 17, 2016


BSPG is a complete Balanced Scorecard environment running on PostgreSQL and comparable to many similar commercial softwares for measurement-based management, to manages a company strategy, through objectives, measures and targets, reports and graphics.The Balanced Scorecard is a powerful framework to help organizations rapidly implement strategy by translating the vision and strategy into a set of operational objectives that can drive behavior, and therefore, performance. Strategy-driven performance measures provide the essential feedback mechanism required to dynamically adjust and refine the organization's strategy over time. The Balanced Scorecard [...]