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August 21, 2017


Replicon is a time asset management solution formulated to increase productivity, improve project visibility, eliminate revenue leakage and maintain labor compliance. The platform features project estimates, visibility and insight into project progression, with a real-time oversight of resource allocations and availability. The mobile and desktop applications enable users to track and approve time across multiple devices in real-time on labor costs. With Replicon’s time and attendance software subscribers can automatically manage wage compliance with contextual visibility on a single screen view. Replicon software provides a centralized view of client, [...]

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August 21, 2017

People HR

People HR is an interactive system designed to manage human resources administration. Features include a centralised control platform, employee database, performance management system, recruitment pipeline and insightful reports. The software allows users to search and edit employee records, review and authorize holiday requests and track absences with unlimited document storage. The performance management structure can measure skills, monitor staff progress with league tables, peer reviews and year-on-year performance metrics. Within custom groups users can use traditional segments such as team, location, department, or a customised framework on a [...]

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August 21, 2017


PARiM is a workforce management software designed for businesses who provide HR as a service to different clients in various industries including security, building and event management. The platform provides various solutions for shift planning, staff planning, client management, employee self service as well as remote Clock in and out applications. The easy drag & drop tool offers a compact calendar view for staff rotas, with the ability to assign shifts and send group email or text notifications. There is also the option for staff to access a portal to check timesheets online and mobile 24/7. PARiM has customizable absence settings so that users [...]

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August 21, 2017


Cognistix is a workforce management software designed for the retail industry to automate labor scheduling, improve retail execution and enhance field data collection for merchandising and experiential marketing. Features include scheduling, reporting, field management, technology and human resources. The scheduling model is configured according to the specific needs with multiple tools each with different strengths, depending on the type of work being implemented. The Cognistix Automated uses algorithm to schedule staff based upon location, availability and skills depending on the requirements for a set of assignments with minimal effort. The software is [...]

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August 21, 2017


DATIS is a cloud-based workforce solution specialising in Human Capital Management, designed to manage an entire employee lifecycle. Key benefits include a single database, analytics across departments, position control, streamlined communication and robust analytics for executives. The HR software is built on a foundation of Position Control ensuring that organizations have no unbudgeted employees. Users can track credentials and licenses of all employees automatically with regular status updates and automatic notifications. DATIS entails a workflow driven onboarding process with a New Hire Wizard tool, which gathers and stores all required employment [...]