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April 18, 2018

Constellation TMS

Constellation TMS is a cloud TMS that provides an excellent platform for shippers to reduce their transportation spend. Constellation TMS also provides the necessary tools that enable you to make better business decisions on an ongoing basis. Constellation TMS is flexible as it provides you with what you need to make your shipping activity more efficient, but not overcomplicating your processes. The primary features provided by Constellation TMS include management of quote, a rating engine, custom automation, electronic tendering, shipment status updates, and document generation. The quote management feature provides you with an excellent platform for [...]

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April 18, 2018


TMSfirst is a cloud TMS bases in the website that provides a logistics platform that enables you to link the industrial and commercial companies with their logistics service providers. TMSfirst enables you to handle online workflows related to the management of transportation processes in a transparent and cost-saving way. The critical features provided by TMSfirst include order promising, planning of shipment, dock scheduling, a vendor portal, a carrier portal, automated shipment execution, carrier scorecards, and pricing and freight audit. TMSfirst provides you with a workflow based automation that provides you with an excellent platform for increasing [...]

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April 18, 2018

Transporeon TMS

Transporeon TMS is a web based logistics platform that provides an excellent platform for linking and retailing enterprises with their current logistics partners. Transporeon TMS also facilitates the involvement of all the sequences of operations in the transport logistics to be performed online in a cost effective and transparent way. The primary features provided by Transporeon TMS include transport assignment, management of time slot, transport visibility, and management of mobile order. The transport assignment feature provides an electronic assignment method that enables carries to save freight, telephone costs, process cost for both parties who are [...]

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April 18, 2018

Cloud Logistics

Cloud Logistics is a cloud TMS that is simplifying supply chain software from the shippers to carriers and to the customers. Cloud Logistics provides you with comprehensive solutions that provide you with an excellent platform for delivering the newest generation of logistics software that makes management of transportation easy. Cloud Logistics simply makes the complexities of communication, order collaboration, and network-wide transportation management simple. The critical features provided by Cloud Logistics include vendor portal and collaboration, optimization of carrier assignment, freight audit and payment, planning and execution of transportation, [...]

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April 18, 2018

Logistics Cloud

Logistics Cloud is a cloud TMS that provides you with an excellent platform for managing all warehousing requirements and transportation modes within and across the borders. Logistics Cloud simply enables you to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance within your company. Logistics Cloud provides you with the following features; planning of transportation, transportation execution, trade compliance, management of customs, management of warehouse, and management of warehouse workforce. The transportation planning feature comprises of three components that include optimize, integrate, and source. The optimize solution provides you with an [...]