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August 14, 2016

Oracle Cloud to Improve Financial Visibility and Accelerate Business Growth for Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining, leading provider of precious metal assaying, refining, and bullion products, selected Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Platform to streamline its procurement and financial processes to get a more comprehensive and accurate picture of its financials to provide better visibility into the business. By moving to the cloud, Asahi Refining has been able to shift its full attention to its core business of refining gold and silver and accelerate business growth.

The ongoing digitization of the refining industry means that organizations need an integrated financial platform to leverage data insights [...]

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June 27, 2016

Oracle Field Service Cloud to Power a Completely Connected Customer Service Experience

Oracle Field Service Cloud, is part of Oracle’s end-to-end cloud customer service offering, delivers extensive new field service enhancements focused on mobility, ease of use, and connecting contact center agents delivering service via the phone, email, and chat to field technicians providing in person support.

Field service is a customer service cornerstone for brands spanning a number of industries—including telecommunications, utilities, high tech and manufacturing. A field service appointment may be the only time a company engages with its customers face-to-face to deliver a differentiated customer experience. [...]

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June 25, 2016

Verint Cloud Customer Engagement Optimization Solutions

Verint Customer Engagement Optimization portfolio is available in cloud, on-premises and hybrid models, addressing market demand for maximum cloud flexibility. Verint has gradually introduced, over the past several years, cloud-ready applications from within its market-leading Customer Engagement Optimization portfolio. Today, following years of investment, the company’s entire portfolio which includes solutions for customer analytics, engagement management and workforce optimization is available in the cloud. This gives customers the flexibility to deploy Verint solutions in three models: fully in the cloud, fully on-premises or in a hybrid model. It [...]

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