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February 3, 2018

Top 9 Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software easily create and deliver email campaigns as part of the overall cross channel marketing approach. Email Marketing Software help to manage and deliver on all aspects of email, to keep the customers looking for more.

Top Email Marketing Software : Zoho Creator, Apphera, Evercontact, Maildrop, MailZak, Delivra, Enabler, iContact, Campaign Monitor are some of the Top Email Marketing Software.

Top Email Marketing Software : Trending Top Email Marketing Software: Top TwentyPAT Index™SORT       1Zoho [...]
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February 3, 2018

Top 13 Call Center Automation Software

Call Center Automation Software is a call center technology that automates elements of what the call center agent does with the desktop tools and says to customers during the call using pre-recorded audio. Call Center Automation Software helps in improving call center productivity and compliance.

Top Call Center Automation Software : Zoho Desk, Sugar CRM, Five9, NICE inContact, Ameyo, Aspect Call Center, Vocalcom, RingCentral Contact Center, Chasedata, Dixa, Jacada, PureCloud, Talkdesk

Top Call Center Automation Software : Trending Call Center Automation Software: Top TwentyPAT [...]
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February 1, 2018


Blitz is a customer relationship management solution for small to mid-sized businesses. In addition to its standalone sales automation and marketing automation modules, Blitz offers customer service and support, call center, field service functionality, and more. The system is entirely web-based and compatible on several platforms like Windows, Mac, or iPad/tablet. Blitz lets companies engage effectively in the sales process to ensure no lead goes untouched. Pop-up notifications and scheduling follow-ups are standard, as well as extensive reporting tools to let users know which criteria produce the highest conversion, close, and retention rate across the [...]

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February 1, 2018


Performio(previously PerformanceCentre) is a leading solution for managing sales incentive reporting and commission plan payments. It calculates, analyses, and communicates incentive pay and performance. Performio provides participants with a secure location to access incentive plans, targets, and how they are progressing towards their target. It is flexible, responsive, robust and reliable. Performio is the standout SPM / ICM product for companies who are serious about driving a high-performance culture. It can design development, and implementation in weeks, not months. It delivers the fastest time to value and supports clients like business partners, [...]

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February 1, 2018


NetCommissions helps companies improve sales, productivity and performance by providing market leading on-line Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions. NetCommissions has a proven track record of developing and delivering innovative Sales Performance Management solutions that deliver not only timely and accurate payments, but also provide the customers with the industry's most integrated, comprehensive and motivating user experience. The customer centric approach to guiding those experiences, combined with a robust and scalable solution platform built specifically for the demands of each customers sales compensation process, enable enterprises to [...]