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April 17, 2018

What is Live Chat Software ?

Live Chat Software refers to a customer service based program that helps with managing ecommerce sales, creation of leads and provision of customer support. Companies use live chat software for fast communication with their customers. The life blood of every company or service provider is its customers. They are the utilizers of the services rendered by these companies and would exchange value for such services. This is why companies and other service providers seek new and more efficient ways to improve customer experience and invariably increase sales. Over the years, live chat software has proven to be an answer to easy and efficient management of [...]

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April 16, 2018


Faveo is specifically designed to cater the needs of startups and SME’s empowering them with state of art, ticket based support system. Faveo has been integrated with multiple platforms and new features being added each month like dashboard reports, ticketing management, SLA Management, knowledge base, internal notes and ticket overdue. Faveo can also be customized according to the user’s requirement and Faveo does undertake such request. Faveo offers a help desk and a service desk. Faveo has an inbuilt search option for easy navigation and access to the available tools and options. Faveo allows users to create search-engine-friendly URLs. Faveo comes [...]

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April 10, 2018


Thirdshelf offers a loyalty program as unique as the user’s business where users can migrate the user’s existing loyalty program to Thirdshelf or build a new loyalty program from scratch. Thirdshelf’s loyalty program offers features such as unlimited marketing offers, POS synchronization and sign-up incentive. Thirdshelf’s loyalty program lets the users customize how customers earn points and what they can spend them on. Thirdshelf’s loyalty program automatically calculates points earned and spent. Users and the user’s customers can see their active points and lifetime points earned. Thirdshelf’s loyalty program has advanced earning rules which allow the [...]

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April 10, 2018


CrowdTwist powers the most innovative and engaging loyalty programs in market today. CrowdTwist offers features such as bonus points, gamification, load to card and liability management. CrowdTwist lets the user incentivize and collect actionable data from the user’s customer at every touchpoint. CrowdTwist programs reward and track behavior for more than 100 different kinds of engagement and spend behaviors out-of-the-box, including reading a blog post, writing a product review, in-store mobile or online purchases, scanning a receipt, checking into an event, referring a friend, and following the user’s brand on Twitter. CrowdTwist lets the users build [...]

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April 10, 2018 lets users reward the user’s customers for completing profitable actions. offers features such as points, referrals and VIP program. Smile Apps are pre-built integrations to help the user’s business do more with with no coding required. provides a points program which is a fantastic way to get the user’s customers performing valuable store actions and returning more often. also lets the user’s customers see their progress and encourage the user’s customers to earn more points by showing them how close they are to their next reward. lets the user’s reward the user’s existing customers when they refer [...]