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Base adds real time features to CRM

Base adds real time features to CRM

Base adds real time features to CRM : Base, added a new set of powerful, real-time features that give sales leaders the tools to make an immediate impact on the productivity of their teams. These new features mark the beginning of a major shift in the CRM industry from static to real-time by coupling beautiful and powerful end user apps with critical sales reporting.

For the last 20 years, CRM systems have primarily served as a database for storing sales data. Today’s market demands more. Base up-levels the functionality of a CRM system by allowing end users to leverage valuable customer data anytime, from any device, render valuable insights to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the sales process, and present clear, actionable steps to close deals faster.

Base is the industry’s first Intelligent Sales Productivity Platform. Unlike legacy cloud CRM and Salesforce Automation systems like Salesforce, Base leverages big data, mobility and real-time computing to help sales teams close more deals faster, while providing sales leaders with accurate forecasting and unprecedented visibility into their sales pipeline.

Base is an all-in-one productivity app for sales people operating on their desktops, mobile devices or tablets. Base’s embedded communication tools automatically aggregate email, phone calls and appointments into one, contextual view that gives the user an immediate overview of all conversations, updates and history. Base completely eliminates the arduous task of manually entering data into a CRM system by capturing all that data automatically. This allows sales reps to focus on what’s most important: closing deals.

On the reporting side, Base’s real-time notifications lets sales leaders receive insights immediately--when they are most actionable--and can take steps to potentially save a deal from being lost. This is a stark contrast to legacy cloud static CRM systems that require information to be manually pulled from the system, meaning that critical sales updates are not visible until the report is generated.

New Features in Base Include:

• Instant, real-time notifications – With Base’s notification feature, key insights are automatically delivered to a sales leaders’ device of choice. Completely customizable, this real-time notification layer ensures 100 percent visibility into what is going on in the sales pipeline and allows sales leaders to take action before it's too late.

• Appointments – Salespeople can use their phones, tablets or computers to schedule meetings, send invitations and track meeting history with their customers. They can then see all past appointments, interactions, purchases, recorded phone calls, and emails in one centralized location.

• Time to First Action Reports – Base generates reports that allow sales executives to understand the chances of winning a deal based on time to action from the initial inquiry. These types of reports are possible because Base tracks email and voice communication history leveraging its Big Data stack. No other CRM or sales tool is capable of delivering this level of insight.

• Rep Performance Dashboard - The rep performance dashboard pulls the most important insights on a rep’s performance into one view. Until now, sales leaders would have to pull and compare multiple reports to understand the performance of each rep. Base is the first CRM to introduce an approach that puts the focus on the individual, helping leaders coach sales reps to success.

• Product Based Deal Value - Base allows users to build a product catalog and then add products to populate the price of a deal. Accurate deal values contribute to accurate forecasting and allow sophisticated reporting capabilities that help companies predict which products can sell better than others.

• Stage Duration Analysis – Base’s Stage Duration Analysis Report studies how fast salespeople move deals through the sales pipeline and then using a sophisticated algorithm, predicts the likelihood of winning deals based on their progression in the pipeline. This unique reporting feature is included for all Professional and Enterprise Editions.

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