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Aptean launch Onyx 7.7,Customer Relationship Management Solution

Aptean launch Onyx 7.7,Customer Relationship Management Solution

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Aptean announced the launch of Onyx 7.7, the latest version of its innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, designed for organizations with dedicated call centers.Onyx 7.7 features an extension of the Onyx Mobile native iOS and Android apps with Onyx Mobile Web, as well as Onyx Analytics, which are designed to provide actionable insights and mobility especially for our call center customers.

“In order to succeed, businesses and call centers must move at an extraordinary velocity and have the ability to access CRM data and analytics from anywhere, on any device, at any time. The new Onyx Mobile Web will allow organizations to have immediate access to trending data and customer information, which is critical to being proactive and making impactful business decisions,” said Matt Keenan, Group Vice President - CRM products at Aptean. “And Onyx Analytics will support the call center’s efforts by enabling our customers to deep dive into the details and help them understand the ‘whys’ that drive their business’ success.”

This new release, specifically the new Onyx Analytics, will help organizations and their call centers improve the visibility of support operations performance as it relates to first contact resolution, time to resolve tickets, number of cases closed, and combinations of these metrics to create monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Another new key feature of Onyx 7.7 is the Onyx Mobile Web. The introduction of this new interface to Onyx CRM (built on HTML5 standards) can bring down the costs of extending Onyx CRM to field service personnel by reducing the need to issue specific IT assets to remote users.Deployment options for Onyx CRM can now support any device, anywhere access, enabling field service agents to use their device of choice to connect to the Onyx CRM system, record any service notes and complete any assigned tasks.

The newest version of Onyx enables users to work more efficiently with better functionality and faster access to information with:

• Onyx Analytics for Sales and Support to help users identify sales opportunities, quickly and easily forecast sales, analyze trends for opportunities won and lost, and outline performance as it relates to first contact.
• A richer enhanced homepage which allows users to display navigation bookmarks and have direct access to underlying book mark queries.
• An extension of Onyx Mobile Native App, the Onyx Mobile Web also includes the ability for users to create custom Detail Pages for Custom Objects, sort on columns in Detail pages, and Add/View Images for Customer, Incident, and Custom entities.

Aptean is a leading provider of industry-focused mission critical enterprise software solutions. We build and acquire solutions to support the evolving operational needs of our customers.

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