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Applications of SAP HANA

Applications of SAP HANA

Applications of SAP HANA
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Applications of SAP HANA: The Applications of SAP HANA can be broadly classified as Customer specific technology application, Content, Accelerated Applications, Products on In memory and Next Generation Applications.

1.1 Customer specific technology applications

These are the customer specific applications built on SAP HANA making use of its capabilities. These applications provide key business benefits such as accelerated reporting, on the fly calculation, very complex joins, wide data structures and complex batch processing. With SAP HANA the computation time can be reduced from hours to minutes or seconds.

User case examples:
• Nomura Research Institute was able to use SAP HANA to analyze traffic information in Tokyo, and gained the ability to search through 360 million data records in approximately 1 second.

• ADOBE: structured + unstructured data / Fraud-Detection.
• RETAIL CUSTOMER: < 3 Billion records / Analysis buying behavior + buying recommendations.

Applications of SAP HANA

Applications of SAP HANA

1.2 Content

These are applications which are real time reports built on SAP HANA using SAP Business Intelligence as front end. These applications are pre defined and customizable accelerated reporting solutions. They provide key business benefits such as, on the fly calculation, very complex joins and wide data structures. They use Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) as Release Vehicle.

User Case examples:

• CO-PA: Real-time analysis of CO-PA Data < 1 sec response time
• Airospace & Defence Customer: complex data model ERP/NonERP < 3 sec response time

1.3 Accelerated Applications

These are applications which speed up existing application with the usage of SAP HANA. These are Predefined and extendable applications which uses a secondary database connection to the existing application. The user Interfaces remain unchanged, there by resulting no additional training effort. These application load mass-/granular data from HANA to existing applications.

User case examples:
• Chemicals customer: CO-PA reporting and allocation dramatically accelerated
• CP customers: CO-PA reporting and allocation dramatically accelerated (1,5 hours –> 3 seconds)

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1.4 Products on In-memory

The products on In memory applications can be existing applications or strategic investment areas where SAP HANA is used as primary database. The Coding of the applications are adjusted/optimized for SAP HANA.
These are new Releases of SAP Products on SAP HANA such as SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.30 . CRPM - Customer Analysis, TPM - Trade Promotion Management and Demand Signal Repository

User Case examples:
• RED BULL: BW System migrated to SAP HANA – overall performance improvement
• PRE-RTC POC Program: many systems migrated – positive feedback

1.5 Next Generation Applications

These are completely new scenarios which have not been possible before by making Usage of the next generation application server. The key benefits are Calculation-intense processes possible, Database near calculations and Simulations.

User case examples:
• Product Cost Calculation
• Liquidity Risk Management for Banks


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