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Angoss reliable and accurate comprehensive scorecard building functionality

Angoss reliable and accurate comprehensive scorecard building functionality

Angoss version 9.6 Platform, includes enhancements to current KnowledgeSEEKER, KnowledgeSTUDIO, KnowledgeREADER and InsightOPTIMIZER products. Version 9.6 feature additions will considerably augment the current Angoss Data Science Platform offering, and continue to improve user experience and business performance.

With the rising trend in the adoption of credit scoring technology, Angoss further enhances its data preparation, advanced modeling, model evaluation and documentation automation to supply analysts with a complete toolset for end-to-end superior scorecard development functionality. KnowledgeSTUDIO software will now incorporate Partial Least Squares Regression,

Constrained Regression, Regularization and Scorecard Editor which will provide users with the means to increase efficiencies when dealing with a large number of variables within a dataset, satisfy compliance requirements, solve complex business problems, and perform manual changes in score points and base score for ultimate scorecard accuracy. The enrichment of Angoss’ scorecard functionality will provide lenders with one of the best scorecard methods to making accurate, reliable, and fast credit risk decisions with the added flexibility to incorporate their own business understanding via manual modification for more business tailored lending approaches.

In the new 9.6 Platform, Angoss boosts its prescriptive analytics product, InsightOPTIMIZER, by incorporating dataset and record level optimization to accommodate the evident proliferation of optimization use cases and industry applications. This functionality addition further optimizes the business strategy development process by providing users more control at the problem set-up stage while maintaining its ease-of-use with helpful wizards that progress new users through the optimization phases. Designed to help users solve complex business problem with ease, InsightOPTIMIZER, determines the next strategic business move while minimizing losses and maximizing results.

As part of Tableau phase two integration, Angoss has drastically enhanced the users’ visualization experience with pre-built templates for Logistic Regression, Cluster Analysis and Optimization scenario comparison. This development will contribute to measurable time savings, improve collaboration amongst technical and business users, and improve model visualization output.

“Our aim is to consistently improve the user experience through our business centric product enhancements,” said Rick Makos, President and Chief Executive Officer at Angoss. “The advancements we have made to our software functionality truly enable us to offer customer solutions that contribute to significant efficiency gains, expand optimization possibilities, and generate faster results via customizable methods.”

Features and improved capabilities in 9.6 Platform include:

KnowledgeSEEKER and KnowledgeSTUDIO

• Data Preparation : Outlier Detector, Identification of special missing values, Weight of Evidence (WOE) transformation process improvements, Transforming multiple variables at a time, Variable Selection Automation and Schema node.

• Decision Tree and Strategy Tree Enhancements : Global defaults for Tree Attribute Editor options, Code generation for tagged nodes, current node and sub-branches, Treatments for non-terminal nodes in Strategy Trees and Paste Splits to multiple nodes at once.

• Modeling ; Partial Least Squares Regression (PLS Regression) ,Constrained logistic regression, Regularization, Scorecard editor, Survival Analysis, Model Selector.

• Model Evaluation : Cross Validation, Variable Importance and Model Analyzer charts in Scorecard Editor.

• Automation of Process Documentation and Scripting : Automatic self-documentation of workflows, Automatic documentation of modeling nodes, Automatic generation of scripts for workflows in Angoss query language and Automatic generation of model training and scoring scripts in Angoss query language.

• Integration with business intelligence & visualization software ; Integration with Qlik software, Integration with Tableau (enhancements of existing feature) ,Pre-built templates for Logistic Regression and Cluster Analysis and Dashboard template for comparing optimization scenarios.

• Workflow Usability Enhancements
o Undo node deletion in workflows

• Advanced options for Text Analysis now include Tagging Threshold

• General Dataset Level Optimization and General Record Level Optimization

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