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Accenture Tableau

Accenture and Tableau provide end-to-end data discovery and data visualization capabilities that enable customers to derive more value from their data for improved business results. The trend toward visualization-based data discovery tools is worth exploring by any business that seeks to derive more value from big data.

Big data is a powerful discovery tool for companies looking to extract fact-based insights to improve decision making and drive actionable results. Without the right framework for understanding big data, much of that knowledge may go unrecognized. Data visualization turns big data into trusted insights that lead to clear business outcomes and yield a measurable return on investment.

The potential business benefits are immense and data governance best practices can be used to help ensure a safe transition. Real-world applications of visualization based data discovery tools are already delivering greater customer and market insights to businesses around the world.

Accenture and Tableau help clients transform the way they use data to solve business problems by making data analysis fast, easy, and more visual and useful. The alliance enhances Accenture Analytics’ Business Intelligence and Performance Management offerings development around data visualization to drive high performance business outcomes for clients.

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