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Top Business Intelligence Tools

Top Business Intelligence Tools

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Top Business Intelligence Tools  – Business intelligence tools are application software that are used to retrieve, analyze, sort, filter, process and report data from business intelligence solution. These tools read raw data that is stored, in a data warehouse or data mart or info cube or tables in a database. Some of the top business intelligence tools are spreadsheets,  software for reporting and query display, Online Analytical Processing, digital dashboards, data mining, data warehousing, decision engineering, process mining, business performance management and geographical information systems.

Top Business Intelligence Tools-Top BI Tools

Top Business Intelligence Tools

Top Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Survey 2015

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PAT-Business Intelligence Survey 2015
  • Spreadsheets, generally used are Microsoft excel, open source software, web based spreadsheets.
  • Reporting and querying software, either open source or proprietary software which are used to report, query, sort, filter and display data.
  • OLAP is Online analytical processing. OLAP tools helps users to interactively analyze the data from multiple sources in a multidimensional view based on the users business perspective.  The functions in OLAP  are drill down, drill up which is the consolidation, swap, aggregation, disaggregation, slicing and dicing.
  • Digital dashboards are easy too read real-time user interface, which shows a graphical presentation of the current status.
  • Data mining are discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods using artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database systems.

  • Data warehousing is a central repository of data. This is created by integrated data retrieval from different sources. This acts as a consolidated repository for storing the data for future retrieval for analysis.
  • Decision engineering is a framework for decision making. This bring together many techniques such analytics, reasoning and machine learning techniques to overcome the issues in decision making.
  • Process mining is analysis based on event logs stored in an information system which is aimed at providing information for process analysis and governance.
  • Business performance management is a set of processes for managing the performance of an organization using the selection of the goal, consolidation and review.
  • Local information systems are designed primarily to support geographic reporting.

1.Free Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

Free Open Source Business Intelligence tools include ReportServer, SpagoBI, BIRT, ART, JasperReports Server, RapidMiner, KNIME in no particular order.

Open Source and Free Business Intelligence Solutions
ART stands for A Reporting Tool

ART stands for A Reporting Tool

2. Free Proprietary Business Intelligence Tools

Free Proprietary Business Intelligence tools include InetSoft, QlikView, SAP Lumira, icCube, Tableau Public in no particular order.

Open Source and Free Business Intelligence Solutions
SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira

3.Open Source Commercial Business Intelligence Tools

Open Source  Commercial Business Intelligence tools include Pentaho, Jaspersoft, Palo, Actuate Corporation, TACTIC in no particular order.

4.Top Business Intelligence Companies

MicroSoft, Tableau Software, QlikTech,  Logi Analytics, Pentaho, Targit, Birst, Prognoz, Bitam, Oracle, IBM, SAS, MicroStrategy, Tibco, GoodData, Information builders, SAP, Actuate are some of the top business intelligence companies in no particular order.



5.Free Extract, Transform, and Load, ETL Software

Jaspersoft ETL, HPCC Systems, Talend Open Studio, CloverETL, GeoKettle ETL, Jedox, Pentaho ETL, Toolsverse ETL Framework, EplSite ETL, GETL ETL, Scriptella, KETL(tm), Apatar ETL, RapidMiner are some of the top free Top Free Extract, transform, and load,ETL Software in no particular order.

Top Free Extract, Transform, and Load, ETL Software


6.Cloud – SaaS – OnDemand Business Intelligence Solutions

Birst, GoodData, Kognitio, Jaspersoft, Actuate’s BIRT, Bime, SAP Business Objects on Demand, MicroStrategy, Domo, SiSense, Yellowfin, Pentaho, IBM Business Intelligence Pattern, SAP Lumira Cloud, TIBCO Spotfire Cloud, 1010Data,Tableau Online, Oracle Business Intelligence, Microsoft BI, Information Builders, Logi Analytics , Panorama Software, Zoho, Deloitte Managed Analytics, Alteryx , Matillion , SpagoBI for Cloud, Salesforce Analytics cloud, QlikView, Informatica, FICO Analytic Cloud, SAS Cloud Analytics, Rosslyn Analytics, Mo’mix, Bitam, BellaDati, RJMetrics, Atom BI, Hyperion, AnaPlan, Chartio, TARGIT Cloud, Host Analytics, Oracle Eloqua are some of the top Cloud – SaaS – OnDemand Business Intelligence Solutions in no particular order.

Cloud – SaaS – OnDemand Business Intelligence Solutions



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